same cancer, new plan.

Hello Friends!

As you know, Marshall and I came to Houston a few weeks ago prepared to complete the last leg of his cancer treatments and be done!!

But, life doesn't usually go the way we plan.

After having a "clear" PET scan for the last few months (cancer was dead/dormant), the cancer has returned. I'll spare you all the exhausting details of our first few weeks here but, they have been trying... housing issues, problems with our house back home, devastating news, unexpected procedures...

Today we finally got a plan! It's a long (to us) and painful one but, it is do-able!

2 rounds of a new more aggressive chemo: 3 days in the hospital getting the chemo then 2 1/2 weeks between them.
1 round of another chemo: 3 days in the hospital
Stem Cell Transplant: timeline is tricky, it depends on how quickly his body heals, includes harvesting stem cells and giving them back to his body in a condensed dose
Radiation: 3-4 weeks

We will be spending the next few months fighting cancer and exploring as much of Houston as the doctors will allow.

Please continue to pray for healing and for our hearts. My mom has been here helping us and making sure I am taking care of myself as well but, she can't stay forever :(

This is a season of suffering but, there is a lot of joy in suffering.. praying that we continue to find it and delight in the goodness being shown to us daily.

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