Lauen Family Update

Hello from the new(ish) and improved Lauen family! It has been a while since our last update but, I am dedicating myself to blogging more frequently so that our family and friends are able to keep up with our daily adventures. Marshall is in full remission from his cancer (thank God!), we became foster/adoptive parents, and bought a home in Spring, Texas.

Our oldest son was adopted in April and his name is Warren. He was placed in our home at 10 months old and is about to be 3 in November! His biological half brother was born in August 2016 and we took him home from the hospital. We are in the process of completing his adoption paperwork and are looking forward to finalizing it the end of this year/ beginning of next!

God has done so many amazing things in our family that I want to share in more detail about in later posts regarding rebuilding our home after the flood, Marshall's cancer care, and our journey as foster parents. (Also detailed on my Instagram account)

Basically just over here in Texas, sweating in the fall and enjoying every minute of our life together.

Shout out to our dear friend and super talented photographer Jenna Gordon for the family photos (above) taken at the Wildlife Refuge in Lawton, . She is the only one who loves us enough and has the talent enough to get family photos of this group in that heat and dirt <3


Fort Worth Stockyards

The Stockyards

Despite our choice to visit on the hottest day this summer, we had an excellent day at the Stockyards. Although I grew up in the south, the cowboy culture is new to me. It's a different world out here and thankfully Marshall is well accustomed. His knowledge (along with the informative plaques) made the trip even more enjoyable as we understood the history and purpose behind the sites. The historical stockyards still serve for the traditional purposes but, have been "re-vamped" to attract the masses. The shops were full of fun items but, the cool bar/venues made this a scene we would like to repeat.

Hamilton Pool Preserve + Barton Springs Pool + County Line BBQ

Hamilton Pool Preserve

This place was a mermaid dream! We had an easy hike down to the pool which is a perfect place for a picnic and swim. One of the most beautiful places we have (decidedly) ever seen.

Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs lives up to its hype. Tons of space to play and full of fun people and animals. We loved floating and people watching. Local musicians jamming out on the shores and art students building towers of river rock. We packed a lunch but, the concession stands were full of yummy (and healthy items) so we indulged in some unique ice pops.

County Line BBQ

We found this place by accident and it was a happy discovery! The food was excellent but, we would return for the atmosphere. County Line boasts a history of great BBQ displayed on their walls along with quirky hill country memorabilia. The outdoor seating overlooks the river packed full with turtles and fish eager to be fed left over homemade bread.


One Year Update

Just one week short of a year since our last blog. So much has happen in ways I never saw coming but, we are seeing the goodness of Jesus in every step. He has continued to provide for us and strengthen us in both the good and not so good.

remission ended, our hearts were broken

poured our sweat and soul into a house we immediately sold

just us and our dog- new town, new job, new home

now we jump through the hoops to make orphans our own

hope rises despite all reason

settled in and dreaming big

finally our honeymoon stage

in love with Texas and each other

building, sewing, painting - preparing for our future children

deep wounds become scars

scars don't hurt, they serve as reminders

of all we lost and all we gained

we lean on His promises and trust in His plan

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