There are so many things that God has taught us through this process and even more that he has used to prepare us for this unique season in our lives. I could write volumes on the goodness he has shown us both but, I think I should at least address the three main topics people ask about:

How we are dealing as young newlyweds.
Primarly, God has saved us from our sins and the consequences of them. Yes, we are young and in love... We want to grow old together :) but, we would rather cling to the promises of God which never fail thanked enjoy one another than cling to this life which can end at any time. I love my husband more than I ever thought I could love another person but utlimately Jesus loves him more so I will trust in his plan for my love.

How we are doing financially.
We were raised by two of the thriftiest most gracious women on the planet. Our mommas are total opposites but, both display a Proverbs 31 woman in this way they approach problems and love on others. We are banking on the fact that somehow their strength and craftiness has rubbed off on us ;)

How we are emotionally.
We are blessed with sweet friends and family but, utlimately we find rest in the Lord who speaks perfectly to our hearts in sweet and simple ways so that our weary minds can comprehend. Sometimes it is as simple as feeling peace we can't explain, other times it is as complex and profound as having a day where all the right people say all the right things and we have the right amount of money to pay them. 


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