"You look great."

"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouting." (Job 8:20)

I will try and make more and more updates on here from now on, but I can't make any promises.

Some things I keep hearing from folks is (in a shocked tone) "You don't seem sick…" "You're not acting like you feel bad…" "You seem like you're really happy…" "You don't act like you have cancer…" These many more like them are often said to me.
                                                   (Face it I make no eyebrows look good)

I smile and say thanks, because to me it is a compliment. It is a testament to God and how much he is giving me in this time of suffering. God is giving me joy and happiness on a daily basis. His hand is always in me holding back waves of sickness and pain. His word is a constant reminder that I have nothing to fear and He will never leave me alone.

Without God I would be a mess. I would be withered away in a dark room. I would be in the depths of fear and depression. I would be in pain unceasing. I would not be able to enjoy the day and all the happiness around me.

Truth be told cancer is hard on me. Its hard on my wife. It is hard on everyone who loves me. I get sick, sad, and weak. I don't just put on a brave face so others will not think I'm sick,  I pray for strength so others (as well as myself) can be comforted in my suffering. So His hand can be seen in my life. So others will give Him the glory.

I'm not writing this post because I want people to stop commenting on the days I feel good. I am writing so everyone will know that I'm still sick, really sick, and it is by the grace of God alone that I'm able to survive. I want everyone to put their hope in Him, not in how well I appear to be feeling. I want all the credit to go where the credit is due. Give God praise and thanks for my health (as well as all the blessing He pours out) and when I am not so healthy.

Solo Deo Gloria, 


  1. I love God and I know you do too. I understand what you are saying. I have to trust Him every day for ,life, strength, and joy. Love always Nana

  2. Hi Marshall and Ashley, I've really enjoyed reading your blog and would love to hear more about your experience at MD Anderson. Would you be interested in sharing? Please email me at cancerwise@mdanderson.org. Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you.


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