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We started  this blog when we got married in the beginning of this year hoping to share the wonderful mess that is our lives these days....however, life has been a little crazy and hard to share. We want to get back to our original purpose and the conviction God has laid on our hearts to share our lives and all the beautiful and complicated ways he is working in and through us.

We are buying a house and planting a Church in Norman,Oklahoma. More importantly, we are learning how to build a family and honestly love this city the way we are called to.

For us, we believe to do this biblically we have to allow ourselves to be completely open and honest with the community because that is how real fellowship starts. This is something we are both excited and anxious about and hope that this blog is a good place to start!

The Lauens

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  1. I believe you will do really good at whatever God shows you he wants you to do. The Church, (fellowship of people) the home, (with a room for me) and even your family, all show your love for God. The creator of our lives wants us to be happy and fulfilled in Him and His will.


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