Round Two

After being in school practically forever and having enough credits (around 260) to be running a college, Marshall is finally graduating!!! He is officially done with classes on June 23rd but, walks with his "class" on May 5. 

In high school he was as handsome as any of the backstreet boys with his big blue eyes and trendy 90s hair but, we're ready for some new pictures in the cap and gown. And I think he has only gotten more handsome, so this time the pictures will be a bit less awkward ;)

This has been a time for God to show his faithfulness and we have all been made more patient through the process. There is a time for everything, and soon it will be time to celebrate! So pray for us as he finishes his last 7 classes in the next couple months and give God all the glory!

We plan on celebrating in as many ways as possible so comment your suggestions and we will try to make them happen and post some pictures along the way! 


  1. How about a combined celebratory dinner the following weekend! We can celebrate Marshall’s graduation, Ashley’s graduation and Mothers Day! That’s a lot of celebrating for one dinner so we may have to include DQ for desert!
    I’m so proud of both of you. It’s a blessing to see God working in and thru your lives

  2. Dairy Queen is always a great option! Georgia Mud Fudge is a great way to celebrate years worth of paper writing and exam cramming :)


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