lazy day at the lauens

Our "adopted son" Morgan's graduation announcement is officially on the fridge! Reminding us to pray for him and get ready for his full-time presence starting this fall! Go Sooners!

My semi-organized craft cabinet that we restored together, Momma's been asking for a pic of it.

My "get well soon" food from Marshall. He knows how to motivate me ;)

Full on study mode, 1 million assignments, 2 more months!!!

Today was the kind of day that you never get out of your pj's. The beautiful Oklahoma spring got the best of my allergies and my sweet husband spent the day doing homework, making a bookcase, and taking care of me. On a less productive note, I've found that when he stays home with me, hardly anything gets done! I am 75% less productive when Marshall is home and I know its terrible... were still newlyweds, I cant help it. 

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  1. I <3 the craft cabinet. I really want to paint the hutch I have in the formal living room an vintage olive green and replace the hardware with old door knobs. Dad doesn't love the idea so i need a visionary like you on my side to talk him into it! :)
    BTW I'm pretty sure Sonic and salt & vinegar chips are not "get well" foods! But good try...

    1. My face is on your fridge. I automatically win at life.

  2. I want my face on the fridge... lol.


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