Austin, TX

We finally got to visit Austin a few weeks ago and LOVED it!

My sister came down to Houston to visit and help me take care of Marshall so we decided he was well enough for a little road trip and spent the day exploring the city and eating everything that came out of a truck.

What makes Austin so great is the atmosphere. It's simultaneously as chill as beach town and as thrilling at a theme park. The people are full of Texas charm, the thrifting is debt worthy,  and the food is way under priced.

Austin, you are weird,.. and I love it.

Lauens' List:

- wear good walking shoes (or better yet, boots!): the roads are patchworked and parking is random; walking is the best way to see things

-bring cash: it's just good southern manners to pay cash to small business owners for small purchases such as food, also many only take cash

-6th Street: tons of great shops, places to eat, places to party and people watch

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