my love...

In light of Valentine's Day, but more importantly in light of how much he deserves it, a short list of the reasons my husband is AWESOME and way more than I deserve:

He is easily amused. Small pleasures make his day and he is never bored.

He's a man's man. He isn't afraid to get dirty, in fact- I'm pretty sure he enjoys it. He sees things broken and fixes them; for me and for the stranger down the street. He has so many skills (no Napoleon Dynamite joke intended) and the ultimate survival partner.

He always has a story. He loves stories and relates to people through them. He is a 32 year old body with a 90 year old soul. He is wise and his speech is commanding.

He is really smart. He understand and retains so much knowledge. He learns things quickly. He is always curious. Everyday I learn of something new that he knows. He is a constant reader and absorbs everything around him. (and he is literally a genius, IQ test and all)

He is called to ministry. He serves others. Even in the midst of his suffering, he thinks of other's needs. In the hospital bed he is ministering, at the bar he is ministering, at the gym he is ministering; he is truly called to this. Every place he finds himself he invests whole-heartily and becomes their pastor. People are drawn to him and listen as he speaks the gospel. For me, this has to be a conscious effort. For him, it is natural. 

Even after all that awesome, he still thinks of himself as this nerdy kid from small town Oklahoma. He is truly gifted and handsome and honestly humble. 


  1. I love the way you love him as much as I am over joyed at the way you love HIM. love you two nana

  2. Ashley - You get him! You truly know who Marshall is and appreciate what he brings to the world. We are so glad you two are together and look forward to the day when we get to meet his other half! Love, Nancy Jo & Anita


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