The C Word

I am 23 and my sweet husband has cancer. He is 31; handsome, wise, and strong. He has stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Not really something you expect at any age but, something I was not prepared for. After a difficult battle to even get him seen by a cancer center in OKC where we live, the praying and pleading of more people than we know, and much deliberation by the insurance company we finally had his first chemotherapy treatment tonight.
So, this is what our life looks like now... we spend Friday night cuddled in a hospital bed watching bad TV, we eat cafeteria pudding and talk like we are at a five star restaurant, we share Jesus and pray with other patients...
We are making the most of this trial and not letting a second of it go to waste. We are spending time together and with the people we love. We are exploring a new city. Most importantly, we are growing in our intimacy with the Father. And it is precious.

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  1. Praying for you two! <3 your attitude towards this trial is admirable Ashley. I pray God heals him and keep using this time to keep growing in Him and sharing the news with those around you. Love you Ashley, keep being strong! Xoxoxo


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