May 20, 2013

Our hearts are so heavy again tonight. Many of our dear friends have lost their homes and many people in our community have lost loved ones today in the tornadoes.

In the midst of all this pain, we continue to pray that God will show his face and his love and comfort would be sweet to our souls. There is nothing that makes this okay- nothing that would allow us to sleep tonight- save the love and mercy of Jesus. Yes, those sweet kids died, but God loves them far more than their earthly families ever could. We are grateful that we are here spending time with our family and some sweet friends that have become like family to us.

All we have left is to trust and rest in the plans of our good and loving God even in the wake of such pain and suffering.

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  1. I love the couple you are becoming. I knew God had a special plan for you the day I heard you were on the way. some feelings so peace just can't be explained to a nonChristian.
    love Nana


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