Beautiful Legacy

We spent the Sunday before Christmas worshipping with and serving our friends at a Church plant in my hometown. We knew very little about what my Nana had signed us up for, but we are always willing to go along for her crazy rides ...
A friend of hers is starting a Church is downtown Augusta serving mainly inner-city people who are either homeless or living in extreme poverty.  My family and I cooked enough food for 200 people, but ended up hanging out with and serving only 75. We had a blast singing praise and hearing how God is working in this City. 
I know very little about the Church or the Pastor, which is not my usual situation.  I am the one to make theological stances part of common introductions ;) however, it was refreshing to just sit back and fellowship in the same building where the first Southern Baptist Convention was held.
As we sat in this small service of less fortunate, the irony of the situation was comical.  A small Church of homeless people were "making due" with a cold and crumbling building.  To them, that place is home. To me, it marks years of Biblical legacy and beauty being used just how I imagine Jesus would... to serve the least of these. 
We had a Merry Christmas and love you all,
The Lauens

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