crazy days

Marshall is taking his first teaching exam tomorrow and has more interview next week. He is finishing up his last week of classes and... oh yea, he has to work a half day in the morning. Besides all that, we are looking at houses, celebrating our dads, and trying our best to be missional in Norman.

The life of a bearded Church planter (aka teacher, carpenter, jack of all trades extraordinaire) and his wife is busy to say the least. I find there are more things that need to get done each day then we have time to do. I know most people would look at our home and life and wonder what we do all day, why our house isn't perfect, why we haven't been to work out in a week, etc. But, this is a choice we made 5 months ago, one that God has been preparing us our whole lives for. To choose people and quality time in the community over things that can wait til tomorrow.

Im in no way saying our house will stay messy or we will never get back into running. I am saying that when things get busy, some stuff gets cut and some stuff never will. I think how people categorize the "stuff" is what makes them who they are. We are Christians. We like a clean house and tight abs. We will always put God, each other, and people before organizing closets and staying up to date with the latest shows.

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