a case of the mondays...

these are a few things that have made me smile today...

This guy named Noah has some awesome covers of the most random songs. We love his voice and have been sitting in our comfy chair for 30 minutes enjoying a little youtube serenade.

Marshall and I had a nice talk yesterday about things we would love to do that are so random. One of the things I've always wanted to do since I was about 4 years old is pet the head of a Beluga Whale. I used to watch Jack Hanna videos and he pet one; it apparently was amazing... I must do it. 

I also got to talk to my long time friend and bridesmaid Lianna today. We live so far apart now and our relationship has changed so much in the last few years, but I'm always happy to catch up and hear from her. We grew up together and I hope she continues to be a part of my life as we grow up. 

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