my man builds me stuff

This weekend Marshall finished my bookshelf! Earlier in the week I was saying that we really need a bookshelf because all our great books are being hidden in boxes and we forget that we have them and its hard for me to get them out. So my handsome husband told me to pick a design off pinterest and he would do the best he could.

I picked a picture of an old white door with some shady shelves on it... and this is what I got! He knows me so well and totally blew my mind with how amazing this bookshelf is! He made it all out of re-purposed wood (most of which is from his family's old houses in Snyder, OK).

I am so excited to build our home together and make beautiful things. I love that he loves to build for me, and help me create my visions. I love that he wants to make gifts for our friends with me, and help me stock up my etsy shop.

We have some beautiful things made with love and are learning more and more to be resourceful, grateful, and generous.

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."

Ashley Lauen, wife of the coolest husband.


  1. What an awesome shelf and an amazing Hubbie you have. Great stuff.

  2. I see a life of amazing things; maybe in design. Marshal seems to already have some great backing. I am reminded every day that God is in control and I am sure He brought you two together.

  3. Woooah!! So awesome!! Love you both!

    <3 Gaby


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