TGIF... Seriously TG

So Yesterday my car ate itself... While Ashley and I were driving to finish up her last internship session in Shawnee, OK. We limped into the dealership and exchanged my lemon flavored XD for a Corolla loner. With this we made it to her session and down to Snyder to take night watch at Papa's house (he's doing better every day).
The service department called me today to inform me of two things: One, my warranty is completely expired (car bought new in 2008). Two, a catastrophic misfire killed some innards of my car. So bad they couldn't believe it was able to run at all. (God thing indeed) 

How do two people recover from a stressful Thursday and an equally stressful Friday? Work on a repurposed door book shelf. 

Spend some time loving on a nephew and family and cooking some food. Crafting with a sister-in-law (for Ashley). Throwing some horseshoes (for me). 

God used a lot of bumps in the road the past two days to remind us of one very important thing, He is in control. We probably could have panicked less, got less mad at inanimate objects, and stressed a whole lot less. Despite our failings God showed us how relying on Him is always the right answer. 

This is me... finishing my first post. 
love yall.


  1. Sooooo Glad you lerned something this week!!
    Gods love never ceases. Never.Though we spurn him.Ignore him.Despise him.Disobey him. He will not change.Our evil cannot diminish his love. Our goodness cannot increase it. Our faith does not earn it anymore than our stupidity jeopardizes it. God doesnt love us less if we fail or more if we succeed.Gods love never ceases. (Max Lucados book "Just Like Jesus " )
    AND Nana loves you two.

  2. Wow, I'm quit the thief these days. I stole your sign above as my background and nana's quote as my fb status.
    It was so encouraging to talk to you today and hear how these trials are growing you in your faith in and reliance on Christ in a way you didn't even realize was lacking until tested. That my dear, is the purpose of these earthly trials, to grow us. I am so proud of you and I an certain He is too.


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